How to get rid of stretch marks

How to get rid of stretch marks in a non-painful way

Get rid of stretch marks How to actually get rid of stretch marks in a less painful way or without involving surgery is the topmost concern of everyone suffering from this skin anomaly. Stretch marks results from body fluctuations; they are actually scar tissues which are formed whenever the skin experienced rapid growth. They can appear on various part of human body like arms, stomach, calves and even breasts. However, those mostly prone to be affected are pregnant women as they are always experiencing rapid growths around their hips, breasts and abdomen.
Fortunately, there are various natural and clinical healing solutions that are made available to handle any stretch marks issues. Applying these curative measures will ensure painless and eventual smooth removal of these scars.

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Highlighted below therefore, ways by which stretch marks can be removed, prevented and contained.

1. Aloe Vera: This is an age-long and one of the naturally effective healing agents, and it is perfect for smoothing and repairing scarred skins. Aloe Vera has proved to be an extremely fast healer and it is known to be useful for scrapes, tears as well as cuts. This is not a new method and it has been in use over the years to help in healing and reducing of any scarring tissues. The inbuilt agents contained in Aloe Vera can also not only cure and remove stretch marks, but they also prevent them from reappearing again.

2. Vitamin E: Another naturally available healing agent that can cure stretch marks is Vitamin E. Four different types of Vitamin E are known for shielding and effectively protecting the skin from experiencing tears and stretches. However, the most suitable is Alpha-Tocopherol. During diverse clinical trials and tests, this vitamin has proved that it can have major impacts on reducing skin scares by repairing the layers of skin and also by evolving new skin afresh.

3. Grapefruit Seed Extract: This is very great for creating healthy, smooth skin and removing stretch marks from any part of the body. It is almost like DL-Penthenol in the manner and ways by which it generates collagen and elastin. Of course, these are very beneficial in the restoration of damaged and stretched elements of the skin. During and immediately after a woman’s pregnancy, Grapefruit Seed extract should be used to massage and rub every areas of stretch growth. This application will not only bring the healing and recovery process up to speed, but it will also assist in the preventing the reoccurence of stretch marks.

4. DL-Penthenol: If your goal is to get remove stretch marks immediately and quickly, then you need to seriously consider using DL-Penthenol. One of the main benefits of using this is that its main purpose is to enhance the skin for rapid cells growth, and effectively cure all damaged skin cells in the process. Elastin and Collagen are also produced by DL-Penthol and they help to improve the elasticity of the skin, thereby making it possible to fast-track quick growth without tearing up.
5. Cocoa Butter: Several studies and researches have shown that regularly applying cocoa butter will greatly help in rapidly fading the stretch marks. Also, potent for healing stretch marks are creams rich and full of healing ingredients like: Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Rose hip oil, Castor oil, etc.

6. Over-the-counter-medicines: There are medicines like Mederma which are specially made to treat and handle scars. In fact, any dermatologic ally approved cream designed to reduce scars will work. Stretch marks could be classified as either hypertrophic or keloid. But, skin care medications can treat and cure either of the classifications. The healing time however, might take up to six months before any significant improvements could be noticed, but it will certainly occur.

All the aforementioned individual methods are useful and important in finding painless stretch marks solution and treatments. However, it is also needful to recognize that the mixture and combination of any of these treatments might eventually prove to be the most effective in getting the best result.
Individual treatments can only perform some certain functions but once combined with others, the patient is sure to get optimal result. It then becomes obvious that knowing how you can get rid of stretch marks should not be an arduous task and it does not have to be an extremely painful experience.

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