Philosophy of Feng Shui: Harmonizing Yourself with Your Surroundings

Feng Shui Melbourne
is all about having right balance of interaction between yourself and your environment. With its spiritual dimension, Feng Shui aims at allowing yourself to go with the natural energy flow in order to achieve significant life improvements. But, what is Feng Shui? What is its philosophy? This article aims to provide answers to such basic questions.

Understanding the Philosophy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional practice belonging to the field of pseudoscience, the exact same as energy healing services in melbourne services. The roots of this traditional practice go back to ancient China (some 3000 years ago) and is based on Taoist philosophy of nature. According to Taoism, there are natural forces present in universe which flow through everything. Humans can harmonize themselves with their environment by working with these natural forces. Only that human life can make sense or add to the larger picture of universe which successfully harmonizes itself with its environment.

Feng shui practitioner in melbourne works on the assumptions of unseen natural forces of Taoism and aims to ‘unblock’ the way for these forces. As these natural forces flow freely without any obstacles, they create the necessary balance in life for success and achievement.

Demystifying Feng Shui

Feng Shui comprises of two words which literally mean ‘wind’ and ‘water’, respectively. These two elements are crucial for a life to exist. In addition to it, these two elements also flow and move around the world.

The application of this Chinese tradition is linked with architecture. The basic assumption is that there is a positive energy, known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ that flows within the universe. The buildings should be designed in such a way that ‘Chi’ is not blocked and flows freely, thus allowing humans to harmonize themselves with their environment. In addition to it, each space has its own positive energy. This requires the appropriate architecture of buildings as to allow the free flow of energy and not the other way around. Moreover, the emphasis of Feng Shui is not on aesthetics or comfort, rather it is on healthy relationships, success, positivity, serenity and physical and mental health.

Essential Principles of Feng Shui

The essential principles of Feng Shui are:

1.    Five Elements

Feng Shui has five important elements, each symbolizing certain notions.

  • Fire: It symbolizes energy and passion. For good Feng Shui in your space, use red objects and candles.
  • Metal: It symbolizes intelligence and logic. Put metal sculptures or frame in order to add this element in your space.
  • Water: It symbolizes serenity and wisdom. You can add this element by putting mirrors, aquariums or reflective surfaces in your space.
  • Earth: It emblematizes balance and stability. Use landscape scenery, crystals and rocks in order to add this element in your space.
  • Wood: It symbolizes vitality and growth. Add wooden furniture and plants in your space.

2.    Bagua Map

Bagua map helps in energy analysis of a particular space and gives suggestions as in which elements should be added and where they should be added in space for proper and enhanced flow of energy. The Bagua map has nine quadrants with elements and their associated colors. These nine quadrants are Wealth, Family, Wisdom, Fame, Health, Career, Love, Children and Helpful People. You can find more information on Bagua Map here.

3.    Commanding Position

Another essential principle of Feng Shui is commanding position. The commanding position is the dominant space or spot where you spend most of your time. Your door is diagonal to your spot. According to guidelines of Feng Shui, you should first identify this dominant position in your room and then place your bed, stove or desk in that position. Your bed represents you, your stove represents your health and wealth and your desk represents your career and success.

Final Word

A feng shui consultant panton hill is basically used in home designing and décor. The basic idea is that you can achieve significant improvement in life by harmonizing yourself with your environment. This can only be achieved through free flow of Chi.