What is a chiropractor? Consider a chiropractor like a doctor who takes care of any type of joint, muscle or bone problem. Chiropractic doctors can often compliment the regular medical care that you get from your doctor. Chiropractic doctors use different methods to treat conditions. Some common methods used by chiropractic doctors include spinal manipulation, application of orthotics and the use of nutritional supplements.

How can a chiropractor help me? A chiropractor may work on your back, neck or shoulders to treat your joints. Many people get regular chiropractic adjustments to help them manage pain or to improve circulation. A chiropractor may also perform therapeutic procedures to release tension from the muscles around the joints. Other patients who get regular chiropractic adjustments include athletes who want to strengthen their muscles to avoid injury or pain, and even people who are having trouble breathing and need to get air into their lungs.

Do chiropractor Glenroy procedures provide pain relief? A chiropractor’s treatment plans can involve spinal manipulation or other techniques to treat pain in the spine. Spinal manipulation can help reduce inflammation in the joints or tissues around the joints. Sometimes chiropractic practitioners will use spinal manipulation in combination with other treatments, such as exercise or acupuncture to relieve pain from a specific area of the body.

Are there chiropractor adjustments to treat my chronic headaches? Sometimes a chiropractor can treat headaches by spinal manipulation. Sometimes the headache is not caused by the spine but due to stress or lack of sleep. If you suffer from headaches on a regular basis, your chiropractor may recommend chiropractic adjustment to help alleviate your headaches. Chronic headaches can be very debilitating and you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor soon.

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Can chiropractic treatments relieve chronic neck or back pain? Neck and back pain can be very debilitating, and in some cases, chiropractic treatment can help relieve the pain. If your chiropractor determines that the pain is not caused by your spinal structure or alignment, but is stress-related, your chiropractor may recommend other treatments, such as massage or acupuncture, to help alleviate your pain.

Are there other ways to treat pain without using chiropractic manipulations? Yes, chiropractic can help with other types of pain, such as back pain, whiplash and sports injuries. In fact, many chiropractic patients seek care for their own injuries because chiropractic adjustments have proven to be effective at removing spasms and tightness in the muscles and joints. If your chiropractor determines that your muscle or joint pain is related to spinal manipulations or spinal alignment, he or she can recommend therapeutic exercises to strengthen and improve your posture.