Physiotherapy, also called physical therapy, is an allied health profession that involves the care of injured or sick persons. Physiotherapists diagnose, monitor, and provide therapeutic care for people with physiologically demanding health problems such as arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, neurologic conditions, and spinal cord injuries. They also teach patients how to self-help in recovering from injury or illness. Physiotherapists use manual techniques, machines, and many techniques aimed at correcting physiological disturbances. In the United States, there are approximately 900 licensed physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy has a comprehensive range of application, including remedial massage Unley. It can be provided for trauma patients following accidents or during recovery from an illness or injury. The methods used depend on the nature of the injury or illness, but all physiotherapy methods aim at reducing pain, promoting movement, increasing range of motion, restoring normal function of the limbs and improving muscle strength and endurance. In most cases, physiotherapy is provided for low-intensity exercise periods and then maintenance or rehabilitative activities as needed.

A physiotherapy program usually includes manual techniques such as exercises, stretches, and remedial massages Wayville. In order to prevent a recurrence of the problem, physiotherapy exercises are designed to strengthen and improve the range of motion of the affected muscles and joints. A physical therapist will choose exercises or stretches that are tailored to the particular type of injury or illness. Stretching and strengthening exercises are often performed in conjunction with activities that promote healing, such as regular exercise, swimming, laser exercises, and other sports-related exercises.

One of the benefits of using physical therapy is that it can reduce or eliminate back pain due to a variety of sources. In recent years, the growing number of back injuries has been consistently linked to poor posture, while obesity and lack of exercise have also been shown to play a role in exacerbating back pain. When used in combination with other forms of therapy, physical therapy can help patients achieve better posture and lessen the amount of back pain they experience. A systematic review of research on the subject showed that physical therapy can be very effective in the treatment of lower back pain.

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When providing physiotherapy to patients, the physical therapist will identify and teach them proper body mechanics so they can strengthen their muscles and tissues. Proper posture and a strong core are important in preventing a recurrence of any pain or injury. While performing daily tasks, such as sitting at a desk or sitting in a car, people can develop back pain by overstretching their muscles and joints. Physiotherapy can help people strengthen their muscles through instruction in specific exercises that target the specific area of back pain they are experiencing.

Physiotherapists also use their skills to help patients with pulmonary disease or those with diseases that affect their pulmonary system. They often treat patients who have chronic lung conditions such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is associated with difficulty breathing caused by damage to the lungs. With the help of physical therapy, patients can learn how to breathe and take in more oxygen. Once again, the skill of movement can be used to assist those with COPD or those who have had surgery.