Jaw Pain Melbourne Relief is Available with Physiotherapy


Relief for jaw pain Melbourne is available with the specialised physiotherapy techniques at the Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre. The physiotherapy experts provide a variety of evidence-based therapies to relieve pain, identify the underlying cause of TMJ pain and reduce the risk of recurrences.

TMJ pain can be traced to a variety of factors, ranging from stress and poor sleep postures to arthritis and hard foods that require extra chewing effort. Symptoms vary widely and worsen over time. Some people experience headaches, difficulty chewing and ringing in the ears. The condition typically begins with popping, grating and clicking noises that can also be felt, but what patients all have in common is pain centered in the jaw joint.

The exact cause of TMJ pain can be difficult to diagnose. It’s a complicated disorder that can have multiple causes. Behaviors, injury and chronic disease that results in TMJ disorder in one person may never cause any symptoms in another. Some patients experience minor and occasional pain, while others suffer with extreme pain on a regular basis that radiates to the neck and shoulder area.

TMJ pain affects more women than men and while it typically occurs in women ages 20 to 40, it can appear at any time. Some people are at increased risk, including those with poor posture, bad sleep positions, and individuals with chronic inflammatory disorders. Patients with certain dental conditions and those who chew gum excessively are also at increased risk.

To address jaw pain Melbourne, the practice’s professionals may employ a single therapy or use multiple techniques in combination, depending on the cause and the patient’s level of pain and dysfunction. Treatment methods encompass dental appliances that align the teeth and prevent teeth grinding and specialised exercises to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

Heat, cold and ultrasound therapy is effective in alleviating pain, reducing swelling and relieving inflammation. Craniosacral massage and manipulation is a gentle and very specific type of massage that fosters function and addresses misalignments. The body requires support while it rests and physiotherapists assist patients with information about pillows and mattresses that provide the type of support needed to reduce the risk of jaw pain.

TMJ has a myriad of causes and jaw pain Melbourne can be effectively treated at the Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre. The practice’s experienced professionals have multiple therapies at their disposal to help patients improve range of motion, relieve pain and reduce the risk of future occurrences.

Located at 1199 High St. in Armadale, Australia, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9824 8868 or by visiting Melbourne TMJ Centre online.