Physical Healthcare is a One-Stop Resource for Head to Toe Health


State-of-the-art technology, highly trained medical and physiotherapy professionals, and a variety of convenient services are hallmarks of the Physical Healthcare’s premiere services. Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Hawthorn, Bulleen, Thomastown, St. Kilda and Sydenham.

Patients have access to a full range of physiotherapy and medical services, providing patients with immediate and ongoing care for injuries, medical needs, and physiotherapy. Patients can schedule appointments online with their choice of provider at any of the practice’s locations.

The clinic excels at treating sports related injuries incurred during training and on the playing field. The professional physiotherapists know that sports injuries require a different approach. An in-depth examination and assessment is conducted to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem before creating a customized treatment, rehabilitation and management program.

A hands-on approach is taken at the clinic and multiple therapies will be employed to assist patients heal and achieve their goals. Individuals receive education about their condition and prescription exercise will be utilized between office visits to ensure continuing progress.

Therapies are designed to mitigate pain and maintain mobility. Assistance and education is available for mobility aids. Therapeutic massage, clinical Pilates and hydrotherapy, along with dry needling and manual manipulation and mobilisation are all options that can be employed.

Physical Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary practice offering medical services in addition to premiere physiotherapy. Clinicians provide services for immediate and past injuries, chronic disease and a host of medical conditions for patients of all ages. Dieticians at the clinic provide patients with assistance for nutritional problems, specialized dietary needs, and healthy food choices to accommodate lifestyle needs.

An on-site podiatrist treats foot-related conditions that include bacterial, viral and fungal infections, along with conditions associated with chronic disease. The practice’s speech pathologist provides services for children experiencing speech difficulties that can interfere with communication, academic performance and social interaction.

Patients have access to a full range of psychological assistance for stress management, performance enhancement and mental health issues. Physical Healthcare is a one-stop resource for patients with immediate and long-term medical and physiotherapy needs.

Physical Healthcare can be reached by phone at +61 1300 581 625. For more information, visit Physical Healthcare online.